New discovery helps snuff out prostate problems in 21-days (or less) — and without the manhood-butchering side effects of surgery, drugs, or trendy herbs like saw palmetto and beta-sitosterol. Plus, to prove my methods work, I'll let you use them without any risk, and even free if you want...

Dear Friend,

My name is Radu Belasco and, the first thing you should know about me is... I am NOT a urologist.

I am not a medical doctor or expert, either.

I never studied anything even remotely related to medicine, pharmacology or wellness in school. And, in fact, the only thing I consider myself an "expert" about is...

I Think I Know How Almost Any Man Can Fix Their Prostate Problems In Just 21 Days Or Less.

I know... because I did it.

And, I did it without any invasive exams or surgery, taking any prescription drugs, or spending very much money at all.

Here's what happened:

I first started having prostate problems when I was 31 years old -- a very young age for this condition.

But, it wasn't too surprising since it runs in my family.

In fact, my grandpa had prostate problems all through his life (including repeatedly being taken by ambulance in the middle of the night due to enlarged prostate complications)... my uncle had all kinds of prostate problems (he ultimately had his removed)... and, most recently, my dad had a tumor in his prostate, too.

So as you can see...

Prostate Problems Are A "Family Curse" For Me.

That's why urologists have warned every male in my family about it.

And, we're each ticking time bombs for prostate issues.

So when I noticed pain down in my "nether region" I knew exactly what it was. At first, I tried to ignore it. I figured, maybe it would just go away on its own? But as time went on, it not only didn't go away, it got 100 times worse. It felt like I had to pee (literally) every hour of the day and I couldn’t even sit through a TV show without rushing to the toilet. It was always an adventure just getting my stream started (usually it wasn’t even a “stream” — just a burning trickle), then it would suddenly stop, and sometimes wouldn’t restart at all. And, even when I did squeeze out more than a few drops, I felt like I never fully “emptied out” — dribbling for hours later in my underwear, with embarrassing wet spots in my pants I’d sometimes catch people pointing and giggling at.


Even after cutting out liquids hours before going to bed, I’d still wake up 5, 6, even 7 times at night with an urgent need to pee… only to stand over the toilet for several minutes…

With Nothing But A Trickle Oozing Out Of My Penis That Hurt Like Hell!

As you can imagine, I didn't sleep much.

In fact, I spent a lot of days at home with a heating pad and pillow between my legs to ease the discomfort.

And, just leaving the house was nerve-racking.

I even remember I had to carefully plan wherever I went so a bathroom was nearby. And I always sat in a stall since it was so awkward to stand at a urinal shuffling my feet, coughing, and wondering if the lack of noise from no pee coming out made guys standing near me think I was playing with myself…

But you know what?

That wasn’t even the worst part.

Because fter a while, my prostate problems got so bad…

I Couldn't Even Have Sex Without Being In Agonizing Pain!

This is no joke, either.

And during the rare times when I could get an erection at all (and even that was soft, and barely able to penetrate), I felt an intolerable burning sensation when I ejaculated. Frankly, if I hadn't been married at the time I might have thought it must be some kind of STD due to the white-hot pain when I pissed or had sex.

Needless to say...

These Problems Freaked Me Out!

I have no tolerance for pain in THIS area of my body at all.

So even though I hate going to doctors I knew I had to do something about this. So I sought out various experts and learned about a lot of so-called “solutions” that sounded even worse than his prostate pain.

For example:

I was told about various prescription medications. The problem with them was, they could cause a sudden drop in my blood pressure. Or random bouts of dizziness (even while driving my car…) Or “dry” ejaculation. Or massive headaches. Or eat up my stomach. Or make me randomly piss myself for no reason. Or, even have humiliating impotence...

That Would Basically Turn Me Into A Eunuch!

Even more:

I was told that even if these medications did work, they sometimes lost their effectiveness over time, and could leave me with the same problems. One expert suggested if I didn't do something soon, I may someday have to look into getting TURP surgery.

If you don’t know what TURP is, it’s basically…

A Gruesomely Invasive “Roto-Rooter” Surgery Where They Insert A Metal Instrument All The Way Down Your Penis Shaft To Remove Portions Of Your Prostate Gland!

Can you imagine that?

Even worse:

I was told TURP may not work at all, and there was a very real possibility of incontinence and re-constructive surgery if it went wrong. Plus, the post operation side effects included nasty things like peeing blood for weeks afterwards, feeling like you’re pissing razor blades when you go to the bathroom, bladder spasms, more urgency and frequency to pee, impotence, and the list goes on.

I don’t know about you… but, I get chills just thinking about that.

And, that’s how a lot of men suffering from prostate problems feel when they hear their so-called “options.”

So what did I do?

I started doing a LOT of research on my own, and trying various alternative ways to deal with it. I researched the common natural prostate remedies like saw palmetto, beta-sitosterol and eating lots of cooked tomato products. But none of them did the trick. (And let's face it... if these popular solutions REALLY worked, we wouldn't have this huge prostate problem epidemic on our hands in the first place...)

Frankly, I wasn't sure what I was going to do.

Until one day... almost by accident...

I Made A Discovery!

A discovery that quickly and cheaply helped with my prostate problems.

And, that did not cost very much money at all.

Here's what happened:

I was doing some research about the relationship between prostate problems and estrogen, inflammation, and excess DHT (how they are often the main villains for prostate pain suffereers) and stumbled onto some "alternative" methods I'd never heard of before.

Methods that are completely safe and natural, but also...

Considered "Fringe" By The Mainstream.

Including by many so-called "natural" health experts, too.

Admittedly these remedies ARE a bit "unorthodox." And, they are so cheap, simple and 100% non-invasive, most people would not think to try them. (And you rarely, if ever, even hear about them).

But I had nothing to lose and figured, "what the hell?"

The result?

They worked so quickly... and so efficiently...

I Started Feeling The Difference In Just 3 Weeks!

In fact, in those first few weeks alone I...

  • Felt the burning feeling when peeing dramatically ease up
  • Was getting better night sleeps without having to urinate as much
  • Felt that strong urine flow return with less dribbling
  • Found my bladder more emptied after using the bathroom
  • Had almost no pain, hesitancy or urgency to urinate
  • Experienced my sex drive return (with a vengeance!)
  • Felt NO more pain during sex whatsoever
  • Started experiencing many OTHER (non-prostate specific) health benefits, too -- like dropping a few extra pounds... healthier looking skin... daily bowel movements... more energy... better sleep... and more.

It was almost euphoric!

Kind of like when you've been suffering with a headache and it goes away and you're just happy NOT to have that pain anymore.

But I must admit, I was still skeptical.

And I kept wondering if it could really be that easy?

Could I be missing something?

And, most of all, I wondered... Was This For Real... Or Just A Temporary "Fluke"?

Well, all I will say is this:

It's been 8 years since I had any prostate problems.

No pain during sex.

No problems peeing.

And literally...

No Trace Of Anything Wrong With My Prostate Whatsoever!

In fact, my last PSA test was .04 -- almost zero!

My doctor was astounded (considering my family history).

And it was all so easy, natural and painless, too.

I didn't use any surgery or drugs, or submit to any invasive tests. All I did was follow a few simple "rules" I learned during my research, and 3 weeks later I felt 100 times better.

Anyway, would you like to try my methods to see if they work for you, too?

And would you like to use them without ANY risk?

Then check this out:

Recently, I decided to put my research into a short, easy-to-read eBook (you can read in about 15 minutes) and offer it to other men with prostate problems.

I call it...

"The 21 Day Prostate Fix"

Here are just a few of the secrets you'll learn inside:

  • An inexpensive herb Chinese health gurus have used for thousands of years to attack even the most stubbornly persistent prostate pain. (Forget Saw Palmetto, beta sitosterol and all the other "fad" prostate remedies. Try THIS cheap, fast-acting pill instead -- and watch how quickly your prostate shrinks and feels like it did when you were in your 20's again.) Page 10
  • The delicious "miracle fruit" that can shrink your prostate and rev up your sex drive at the same time. (They don't call this great tasting fruit "natural Viagra" for nothing! See page 13 for details.)
  • A secret way to "snuff out" deadly inflammation in your prostate. (If you live in an industrialized nation, then chances are your body is suffering from inflammation -- which can cause energy loss, excess body fat, sexual dysfunction, sickness, mental problems, and, yes, prostate pain. Here's what the world's top medical experts recommend for quickly and safely eliminating inflammation.) Page 16
  • The prostate support "miracle elixir" that also burns body fat. (Just add water to the recipe described on page 21 -- then watch as much as 4-5 pounds of weight practically melt off the FIRST time you use it! By the way, this also makes great winter and holiday "blubber control", too -- as well as giving you more energy and better sleep.)
  • Why drinking lots of water is vital for optimal prostate health. (And the exact kind of water to take -- not bottled or tap water! -- and exactly how much to drink for best results.) Page 14
  • The dirt-cheap, “un-sexy” nutrient that has been shown to help shrink enlarged prostates. (If you have BPH or prostatitis symptoms, there's a VERY good chance you're low on this easy-to-find nutrient -- see page 19 for details).
  • A special kind of doctor (NOT a urologist) you should visit right away if you are suffering from any kind of prostate issues. (I made this discovery somewhat recently. And going to this special kind of doctor saved me from being dependent on prescription drugs for the rest of my life. It also did wonders for my prostate, too, without needing an invasive prostate exam or even having to take off my pants. You can learn more about this on page 25.)
  • 3 surprisingly simple tips for putting red hot prostatitis on ice. (Including one solution used for hundreds of years by certain native American tribes that not 1 in 1000 people knows about today. See page 29.)
  • Why some prostate supplements not only make your problems worse... but can also turn you into a girl! (This is no joke -- check out page 34 to see why this happens, and how to stop it.)
  • Why your prostate symptoms may not even be caused by your prostate. (This is why some men go from one doctor to the next for years and decades and never find lasting relief, just see the specialist mentioned on page 32 and put your problems out of your misery for good!)
  • A little-talked about way of using flax seed (not via oil or pill) to get prostate discomfort relief. (I first learned of this from a respected natural health expert, and it's cheap, fast to test, and can work quickly. See page 36.)
  • And much, much more...

Look, I cannot promise you any specific results. And anyone else who does is flat out LYING to you. After all, I don't know your family history, diet, lifestyle or even what your exact problem is (again, I'm NOT a doctor, nor do I play one on the Internet).

So because of that, I will make you this offer:

The 21 Day Prostate Fix eBook is just $19.95

And, it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee:

If at any time in the next 2 months you are not peeing better, getting more sleep and experiencing better, more explosive (pain-free) sex... if your doctor is not amazed by how quickly your prostate health has improved... or if you are simply not satisfied with this eBook in ANY way... just send ClickBank an email (you don't even have to talk to anyone) and they will refund your money.

No quibbles, and no questions asked.

Plus, you can keep the eBook even if you ask for a refund.

That means you have ZERO risk and...

You Can Technically Use Everything Free, If You Want To!

And that's all there is to it.

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To your excellent health,

- Radu Belasco Early prostate problem sufferer and author of “The 21-Day Prostate Fix”

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