When it comes to BPH treatment there are many options to choose from.  Some of those options are invasive and painful… some can cause other symptoms (that are even worse than your prostate problems)… and some work pretty well but take a lot of time.

So there is no perfect solution.

And you should always consult your doctor before choosing.

With that said, here are three options to consider — either on their own or in conjunction with each other (again, make sure you consult your doctor first no matter what).

1.) Prostate Surgery

This is the “quick fix” solution.

However, it’s not without its problems, either.  For one thing, surgery is rarely cheap unless you have excellent health insurance that will cover it.  Another “down side” is it’s invasive.  Very invasive.  When you look at what happens during “TURP” surgery and other gruesome prostate procedures, it makes torture almost look humane.  Plus, many times enlarged prostate surgery is not permanent anyway, with the prostate symptoms coming back later on (where you might be advised to get the surgery again).

Basically, this should be your LAST BPH treatment option, not your first.

And, unless your enlarged prostate problems are at the point where you cannot urinate at all, and you literally have no choice, you should consider the next two first.

2.) Prostate Medication

This is obviously not invasive like the surgical option above.

But, like surgery, it’s not without its drawbacks, either.  For one thing, prostate medications (the prescription ones) often cause side effects.  They can range from everything from a sudden drop in blood pressure and sexual dysfunction (where you cannot even get an erection, or only a soft, flimsy one at best)… to vision problems and even birth defects if you get your wife pregnant while taking the medication.

This is not always going to happen, necessarily.

But it happens often enough where you should think long and hard before popping any prostate pills.

3. Prostate Supplements

Supplements are a great choice for a lot of men — but they are not a one size fits all solution by any means.  There are many reasons why, too.  For example, not everyone even responds to herbal and natural supplements.  Frankly, some men could take all the natural pills and supplements they can stand and never notice anything change.  Another thing to think about is quality.  There are a lot of fly-by-night prostate supplement companies trying to cash in on your pain.  They aren’t all bad, but you always have to do your due diligence.  And finally, they take time to work.  At bare minimum you should be willing to wait 90-120 days for herbal and natural supplements to build up in your system.

Sometimes they work faster than that, of course.

But, you should be prepared for the worst.

Anyway, those are the 3 main BPH treatment options to choose from.

However, they aren’t the only ones.

In fact, if you simply changed your diet to eat foods that remove (instead of cause) inflammation from your body, you can go a long way towards shrinking your prostate down to size safely, naturally and quickly.

If you are interested in the food side of things, consider this:

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