Sprinkle This On Your Prostate And Call Me In The Morning

Here’s an interesting prostate health idea.

I was recently listening to a doctor of natural medicine give a talk about various medical topics, and the subject of prostate problems came up.  I expected him to give the usual advice “take saw palmetto and beta sitosterol” but he didn’t.

What did he say?

What was his advice?

Flax seed.

But… not flax seed OIL.

And not eating flax seed raw.

Instead, he said to grind up the flax seed and eat some every day. Apparently, ground up flax seed is easier to digest and for anyone who’s over 40 it is (in his opinion) mandatory if you want to avoid prostate problems.

Makes sense, too.

Especially with flax’s anti-inflammatory effects.

Maybe not practical for most people.

But something to consider.

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