The Devil In Your Prostate

This may seem like an oversimplification.

But a lot of pain (and disease, sickness, etc) more or less boils down to inflammation. This goes for prostate pain as well as for other kinds of pain. When you’re in a state of inflammation, you are far more prone to health problems.

This is also true of ye olde prostate, too.

Inflammation is probably the problem.

Get rid of that, and you get rid of pain.

But as they say… the “devil is in the details” and that’s why people spend billions of dollars each year on overcomplicated pills and procedures that might mask the pain, but don’t get rid of the actual inflammation.

Take prostate surgery, for example.

It doesn’t always work.

Or, if it does, it can be just temporary.

And the problem comes back later.

We don’t have prostate problems because of a lack of surgery or prescription drugs, after all.

Just something to think about.

Attack inflammation and attack the REAL problem.

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