Prostate Health Facts – 7 Can’t Miss Facts

1. Why are prostate problems on the rise?

There are a lot of reasons, such as all the pollution, toxins and chemicals you ingest and breathe in on a daily basis if you live in an industrialized nation. For example, just drinking out of a plastic cup or water bottle can throw off your estrogen levels in some cases, which may result in prostate problems (as well as give you “feminine” characteristics — like “manboobs”). Most of the foods people eat cause inflammation which is murder on your prostate. And there are also things like easy access to porn, which have been linked to prostate problems. (i.e. sex is great for your prostate, but masturbating several times per day can wreak havoc on it and open you up to a nasty prostate infection). The free report and tips we give away on this site are full of ways to support your prostate and prevent future prostate problems.

2. What about saw palmetto and other popular solutions?

There is nothing wrong with trying those solutions. But, let’s face it, if they worked as well as all the advertising claims, we probably wouldn’t be seeing prostate problems getting worse. There are many reasons why you could be having prostate pain. Not all the solutions are herbal based.

3. I’m still young, why am I having prostate problems?

There has been an increase in younger men having prostate problems. Radu Belasco suffered prostate problems when he was 31 years old. Again, there are many reasons why this is the case (environmental, lifestyle, genetics, etc). The free report and email tips on this website are not a guarantee. But they will give you some ideas for combating prostate problems and finding relief, as well as ideas on what could be causing your prostate to grow.

4. What are symptoms of prostate problems?

It depends. It can be anything from having to urinate several times per night (and during the day) with barely anything trickling out each time… to sexual dysfunction and painful ejaculations… to blood in your urine and semen… to chills and flu-like symptoms… to your entire nether region being in constant pain and agony. The symptoms are many and should NEVER be ignored. If you have any symptoms you should go to your doctor right away. If you are a man you do not want to mess with that area of your body.

5. I have seen multiple specialists and still have prostate pain, what should I do?

Think outside the box. If your doctor and/or urologist don’t have any solutions, there are other kinds of specialists you can consult. Many times, you may not even have a prostate problem and so going to a prostate specialist obviously won’t help in those cases.

6. Will the information in your free report and email tips help with prostate cancer?

No! If you have prostate cancer seek immediate medical attention. Do not put it off, and do not mess around on the Internet or websites thinking you can self diagnose and treat. Go seek professional medical help.

7. Do you sell any products for prostate problems?

We give away a free report and daily email prostate support tips (just type in your email address in the box below). We also offer an inexpensive eBook called “The 21-Day Prostate Fix” click here for more information

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