No doubt, your prostate is one of the single most important glands in your body.

But, why do men in the 21st century (especially with all of our “advanced” medical technology) have so many problems with our prostates — including cancer, enlargement, infection and other kinds of sexual, urinary and erection problems?

There are many answers to that question.

Below are the three big ones.

And if you are concerned about having health issues with your prostate (either in the future or if you have pain down there in your “nether region” now), then the following may give you the answers you are looking for.

Okay, let’s start with the first big cause of prostate issues:

1.) Excess DHT in your body

This is probably the most-talked about causes of prostate problems.

DHT is short for “Dihydrotestosterone” — a byproduct of testosterone.  And in addition to making your hair fall out as you age (especially if you have male pattern baldness), it can also make your prostate swell and grow, too!

In fact, do you want to know something freaky?

Usually, your prostate is about the size of a walnut.  But there have been cases in some men where it has grown to the size of a baseball (or even a grapefruit!).  And DHT is one of the main culprits why this can happen — as your prostate literally absorbs it and grows and grows and grows…

So DHT is reason #1 for today’s rise in BPH (prostate enlargement) and symptoms.

Reason number two is…

2.) Excess estrogen in your body

Sadly, this “villain” doesn’t get nearly enough attention.

But the truth is, excess estrogen in your body can do more to cause a swollen prostate (and other symptoms) than anything else — including too much DHT!  In fact, in many ways, you should be FAR more concerned with having too much estrogen in your body than DHT.


There are many reasons.

But for one thing, estrogen will make your prostate grow.  And to make matters worse, it can also have other whacky side effects, too — including giving you soft, “feminine” characteristics (including a flabby belly and “man boobs”).  Yes, men should have SOME estrogen.  But these days, we’re getting way too much — either because of the foods we eat, the water we drink (tap water can have all kinds of weird stuff in it, including estrogen mimickers that have been know to cause sex changes in fish!), or even from the plastic bowls, cups and bottles we use (many plastics also contain estrogen mimickers).

Yes, it’s bad enough men are suffering from enlarged prostate and prostatitis problems.

But we’re being bombarded with chemicals that try to turn us into women, too!

So that’s the second cause of all these prostate symptoms men are having.

The third one is a bit more controversial…

3.) Inappropriate pelvic tension

You probably won’t hear a lot about this in the mainstream.

Or even in the alternative medical literature.

But more and more research about the prostate gland are showing how tension and stress in your pelvic area can cause prostate pain in men — including all the usual urinary and sexual symptoms!

This has driven a lot of men crazy for years, too.

They might THINK they have an enlarged prostate or prostatitis or even cancer… subject themselves to invasive (painful!) medical procedures… or consume medications with bizarre side effects… and then wonder why nothing seems to help.

The reason is because it isn’t a prostate thing at all.

It’s simply inappropriate pelvic tension!

Anyway, so those are the reasons why men are having prostate troubles.

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