Starve Your Prostate Smaller?

A lot of people run when they hear this.

But it’s the opinion of a lot of health experts (and I agree with them about this) that fasting once per week (or at least once per month) can do wonders for your health.

Fasting is basically abstaining from food.

You can do it for 24 hours.

Or 36 hours.

Or, in some cases, even longer.

(Although you should make sure your healthy enough to do it first, ask your doctor.)

Why do this?

Because it’s sort like rebooting your computer.

I’m not saying it’s a “cure” for anything, but (amongst other things) it lets your digestive system get caught up and helps your body detoxify. ┬áSometimes prostate problems are made a lot worse by toxins that have accumulated in your body — especially in your colon (which is near your prostate and can be affected by those toxins).

What’s that?

You hate the idea of starving yourself for a day?

Don’t blame you.

I’m the same way.

Instead, I use a secret method of fasting where I don’t go hungry (and never starve), with maybe only a bit of an “empty” feeling once in a while due to being used to eating at certain times.

It’s the easiest fast you can do.

And, it also has unique dietary benefits.

(Fasting in this special way allows you to eat a few bad “cheat” meals the day after without gaining weight or blubber.)

Anyway, details are in my prostate eBook.

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Until next time…

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