There are few things more hellish for a man than prostatitis symptoms and pain.

There are different kinds of prostatitis (bacterial and nonbacterial).

And for some men it is worse than others, just as it is more temporary for some men than it is for others.  But overall, it’s a pretty grueling experience that can plague you for years with pain, frustration and anxiety.

Take, for example, this 39 year old man I know of who has had it off and on for over a decade.

It seems to come and go every few months.

And, just when he thinks he’s gotten rid of it for good, it not only comes back… but it will come back harder than before!  Usually it starts with a frequent urge to urinate and some erection problems, and always with pain (bad pain) in his lower abdomen, groin, testicles, anus and penis.  (Both the tip of his penis and the base of his penis.)

Urinating burns and is painful.

Sex is also painful, yet if he doesn’t masturbate of ejaculate (which also hurts) somewhat regularly, it feels even worse.

And to make things even more complicated, he sees blood and discoloration in his urine and semen, as well, and his entire sexual/urinary system feels like it is on fire.

At first, he went to his doctor thinking it was a sexually transmitted disease.

But a simple blood test showed that was not the case.

And it did not take long for his doctor to figure out he had prostatitis symptoms (i.e. a prostate infection or inflamed prostate).  Even though his blood work came back clear (it was the nonbacterial kind), his doctor was able to tell his prostate was extremely enlarged.

Unfortunately, nothing really worked to help him with this problem.

As far as prostatitis treatment went — neither antibiotics, medications or anything else that had been prescribed made a lasting dent in his condition. (His doctor eventually gave up and told him, “you’re just going to have to learn to live with it” which prompted him to start seeking prostatitis symptoms help elsewhere online.)

There are more symptoms than these, of course.

For example, he has a lot of trouble emptying his bladder.

He has to pee several times per night, and often throughout the day (making work hard to get done).

And drinking anything except water aggravates his prostate symptoms even more.

Bottom line?

The guy is in agony!

And that’s why avoiding prostatitis (and any other prostate problems, for that matter) is so important.  Not everyone has it as bad as this fellow does.  But the constant pain is so intense sometimes that he can’t sleep at all or even sit down for more than 15 minutes at a time.

It affects his work.

It affects his family life.

And it definitely affects his sex and love life.

Frankly, he spends much of his time now taking hot baths (one of the few things that soothes the discomfort) and is always afraid he’s going to lose his job from taking so many days off (and not being able to focus when he’s there).

So this is no laughing matter at all.

And preventing and treating this condition properly is almost life-or-death important.

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